$26,150 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Northwood Log Home

$26,150 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Northwood Log Home

The $44,600 Northwood is a great design for someone looking for a starter and affordable home option. Another one of the lovely log cabin designs from Coventry Log Homes, The Northwood has a nice, simple design that provides all of the necessities for a small family. It has two bedrooms plus a loft that can be used for additional sleeping, office or storage space. There is one bathroom on the main floor, along with the two bedrooms, living room and kitchen areas. There is the option to build the house on a basement foundation, which of course would be extra, but worth it if you wanted more living space. Basements can be great for recreational rooms and cold storage, and finished basements can house more bedrooms. This log cabin has a nice deck on the front of it as well, which makes for some nice lounging space with views. The log cabin designs here are intended for uses as a recreational cabin, but, this model could also make a great, small starter home as well.

The complete log cabin building package you see here, priced at $44,600 includes the floor system, wall system for interior and exterior walls, all windows and doors, and the roof system complete with a metal roof which would be great for those wintery, snowy climates. So in a log cabin building package, all of these materials are delivered right to the building site to be dropped off close to where you will be assembling it. To ensure ease of construction, each of the logs are numbered and labeled when the package is created and they are all created uniformly. There's also an instructional manual which helps you to understand how the house is built, and can help you with any issues that may come up. Think of a larger version of Ikea furniture, and that is sort of like what your log cabin building kit will be like. You can have a look at Coventry Log Homes' free log cabin building planner, which you can find on their website. The planner covers pretty much everything that a potential log home owner may need to know about the building and design process.

Many people turn to prefabricated kits to build their homes. It's a great, affordable way to build the home of your dreams from scratch and include everything you want and need in it. Coventry Log Homes has over 60 log home kits to choose from on their website, but they also gladly work with their clients to create a log home or cabin design that suits them personally. Making a list of "must-haves" for your design process is always a great place to start, and looking at log home kits and models to get some inspiration helps too. Imagine what being in your very own log house or cabin looks like and what the key features are, and you can even make a drawing of what this looks like and the designers do their best to bring your ideas to life. Owning a log house or a log cabin is a great investment, log houses last a long time, and they are able to withstand some of the most gruesome weather. They are perfect for any climate, and have the ability to self regulate their internal temperature with ease. Log homes and cabins always sell for a good price, especially if they are well maintained, because logs are known as one of the best building materials on earth, so people are eager to own a log building. Enjoy having a look at the various log home kits available through Coventry Log Homes and get inspired.***

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